Juniper Birch Textiles and Sacred Services are offerings that come from my hands and heart.  Meditation pillows and wall hangings are all made with generational quality, and recycled materials so that we are consciously purchasing products that are gentle, kind and respectful towards our Mother Earth. My intention in making meditation pillows is to support and create a slower paced lifestyle for you, one that will more greatly reflect your true inner nature, one that is in alignment with the natural pace of our Earth.

I offer Sacred services such as moon circles, and oracle readings because I welcome the gifts that have been given to me in this body. I delight in holding  sacred space because it is when I am in harmony with my true purpose here on this planet. I am a humanist, a naturalist, and a lover of the plants and trees.  My work in Magic is an on going education that is based in the natural elements, I hold a Masters degree in Elementary Education, and am working towards a formal education as an herbalist. I am versed in forms of Non-violent communication, Jungian psychology, Chakra studies, a yogi for 16 years of practice and a single mother of two incredible young men who continue to be my teachers each day. 

My favorite tree right now is Cottonwood and my favorite plant I am currently working with is Goldenrod. 


email: juniper.birch84@gmail.com